Dec 7, 2021


ZI EPS call from Nov 1st | 12/7/21

  • CEO sells a little too much on this call; I don’t like when a CEO tries to sell me on the investment; just let the numbers lead
  • Landing larger deals now which is a fav inflection point of institutional investors
  • “Staggering” sequential add of $100,000+ deals
  • Last Q was a serious beat of exp & stk price below the day that news was announced
  • Data mining is a open ended opp as all the key CRM type businesses get tangible enhancement from adding the ZI product on top
  • This is a SaaS high margin business model with customers starting with 1 product and building as ROI proves the need
  • Ramping up sales force should lead to acceleration of growth in 2022
  • transitioning to end to end go to mkt program from one off products; this is the time to own this investment as this transition creates hockey stick type revenue EPS ramp