Dec 30, 2021


Dec. 17th WGO EPS Call | 12/30/21

  • Blow out numbers
  • record backlog
  • pandemic awakening is sticky
  • Moved into marine segment & I can tell you from experience the demand for boats is off the chart
  • Owns CrisCraft iconic
  • Premium EPS & Rev 4+ Q in a row placing this company at the top of O’Neil type investing
  • Continue gaining mkt share
  • Strong Gross Margins and growing GMs
  • Analysts don’t think they can maintain these margins
  • Making acquisitions of businesses that carry accretive GMs
  • Product portfolio driving margins
  • P/E is 7 how refreshing Although I care not about this equation just kind of funny when looking at the rest of the ARMR WB
  • This is a rollup story and on institutional investors love; best of breed rolling up competitors and driving economy of scale

WGO ARMR 3 Step Drop set up [investing not day trading]
Stop = 71.80

Note: the ideal day to invest was 12/22 as WGO crossed back above the armrMovAvg

wgo graph