ARMR Pre-Market Playbook

$600.00 / year


Receive the Captain's Note every morning prior to the opening bell. In this pre-market email Bret outlines relevant trends, whiteboard research, market updates, portfolio structures and trading strategy to help you prep for each trading session. Whether you're a day trader, swing trader or long-term investor -- whether you're creating a conservative, balanced or aggressive portfolio -- these notes provide global, comprehensive insights and suggestions for how to customize your application of the ARMR Investing Way. (Value: $1,188)

Watch the replay of the ARMR Morning Meeting. These 20 - 30 minute videos offer an overview of the indexes, update of the risk monitor, plus real-time market insights and interpretations to prep your trading plan. Expanding on the themes in the Captain's Note (and taking questions from ARMR Insiders) each daily meeting allows you to learn directly from Bret as he covers what it takes to make good trades from entry to exit. Bonus: ARMR up your discipline as Bret offers mindset and trading psychology suggestions, solutions, and real examples from his own experience. (Value: $2,640)

Join the desk on important market days. The market experiences immediate impact when the Fed releases numbers, decisions, or statements. On our ARMR live trading desk we've developed detailed protocols and strategies for trading before, during and after the release of Fed type news -- and we're going to share that with you. On the morning of such events, you will receive a private, Insider Only link to join the all-day ARMR trading livestream so that you receive market interpretation, insights, and trading strategies designed to help you quickly and effectively respond to the market's reaction. (VALUE: Priceless!)

Normally, the investment for these three items would be much greater. However, right now you can get all the power of these three core ARMR resources for only $600/year.