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At the ARMR Report we’re a stock trading family


You could say that the ARMR Report started back in the mid-1970s – that’s when my sister and I collaborated on our first business: We launched a bank in her bedroom in our hometown outside of New York City. Already best friends at the tender ages of ten and seven we liked to work together, solve problems, manage money (like our dad), and teach and help others (like our mom).

Or… you could say that the ARMR Report launched a few years ago when I started publicly sharing hedge fund-driven strategies to help individual investors gain access to proprietary actionable information that allows them to protect capital and increase net worth.

To fully serve traders on their quest to make money in the stock market I knew I needed a partner who could help me expand and grow the ARMR platform. That’s when Michele came aboard. Together we’re committed to the ARMR Investing Way and your success in learning how to trade stocks like a professional portfolio manager.

Get to know the ARMR Team…

Bret  Rosenthal

Bret Rosenthal

ARMR Founder

Michele  Rosenthal

Michele Rosenthal

ARMR Partner

Christine de Chavez

Christine de Chavez

ARMR Support


Build a virtual hedge fund community where we share proprietary actionable information that helps individual investors protect capital and increase net worth.



We believe that individual investors deserve access to the same level of information as the institutions against whom they’re trading. This single idea daily inspires us to develop methods that teach individual investors one essential skill: how to invest in the stock market like professional portfolio managers.


A world in which the individual David investor has the power to compete (and win) against the institutional Goliath in the world of stock market investing.


armr manifesto



We pledge to create an environment devoted to sharing ideas in ways that lifts us each to a higher plane of thought, knowledge, action, and understanding.


We promise to extend our value of family to the ARMR community so that we create a space for safety, nurturance, growth, support, connection, and discovery.


We (pinky) swear to adhere to a strict moral code that protects the ARMR world from treacherous, negative forces in the investment space.


We vow to remain humble in our successes and dedicated to remembering that none of us is immune to mistakes, struggles, and regret.


We guarantee you will always see the truth of who we are because if you’re not showing the world your true and unique self there’s really no point in anything else.


We dedicate ourselves to finding the light side because when the stock market makes you want to cry it’s imperative to have the next laugh ready to deploy.
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